We are a specialty publisher and book distributor dedicated to high-quality editions of socialist books and pamphlets and related works in the English language. Our titles cover a wide range of subjects, from history and philosophy to culture and contemporary politics.

Books on the history of the Fourth International


The Fourth International was established through the struggle of Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition against Stalinism in 1923, and the International Committee of the Fourth International in 1953. In 1985 the ICFI defended the continuity of Trotskyism against the betrayals of the British Workers Revolutionary Party. 

Mehring Books is the publishing and book distribution division of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

Celebrating 200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels

On the 200th anniversary of Friedrich Engels' birth

Friedrich Engels was born 200 years ago, on Nov. 28, 1820. Together with his friend Karl Marx, who was two-and-a-half years his senior, Engels co-founded scientific socialism. Two hundred years later, their life’s work is of burning contemporary relevance. Read more about Engels on the World Socialist Web Site.

Mehring Books is pleased to offer works by Engels and Karl Marx, as well as the tribute by Leon Trotsky.

Select titles on American history

Now available from Mehring Books

Mehring Books is pleased to offer our customers a selection of significant writings on the history of the first two American revolutions.

We are defenders of historical truth, and seek to make available the writings of renowned historians who defend the revolutionary traditions fought for in the American Revolution and the Civil War. 

We are also making available some original source material, like the Declaration of Independence, writings of Tom Paine and Abraham Lincoln.

The Place of the Two American Revolutions: Past, Present and Future – a July 4th discussion

In a July 4th discussion hosted by the WSWS and moderated by Tom Mackaman and David North, five eminent historians: Victoria Bynum, Clayborne Carson, Richard Carwardine, James Oakes and Gordon Wood addressed some of the most pressing issues of American and world history.

David North introduces Turkish-language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky at Istanbul Book Fair

Mehring Yayıncılık announced the publication of five major works by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) at its Istanbul Book Fair stall, including two authored by David North.

Vadim Rogovin and the sociology of Stalinism

September 18, 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Soviet Marxist historian and sociologist Vadim Rogovin, the author of a seven-volume series on Stalinism and the Marxist opposition to the Soviet bureaucracy.

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