About Mehring Books

We are a specialty publisher dedicated to producing high-quality editions of socialist books and pamphlets in the English language. Our titles cover a wide range of subjects, from history and philosophy to culture and contemporary politics.

One of the greatest lies maintained in the course of modern history is the false identification between Stalinism and socialism. For decades the Stalinist bureaucracy of the Soviet Union suppressed the heritage of classical Marxism, while western historians and bourgeois ideologues used the crimes committed by the bureaucracy to discredit a socialist perspective.

Mehring Books sets out to clarify the historical record. We are proudly associated with the writings of Leon Trotsky and other great anti-Stalinist socialists and are making many of their books available in English for the first time. With the historically-recent collapse of the Soviet Union, these works acquire an immense contemporary significance.

Our publishing house contributes to the intellectual and cultural environment by providing a body of literature which helps one intelligently comprehend complex economic, political, and social problems that confront mankind today.

Mehring Books, formerly Labor Publications, distributes titles in the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain. The Library of Congress has cataloged our newest titles. They can be ordered directly or found at fine bookstores everywhere. Our ISBN prefixes are 0-929087 and 0-893638.

We can also obtain foreign-language socialist works.

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