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Vadim Z. Rogovin Book Sale

In commemoration of Rogovin's historic speaking tour of the United States 25 years ago this week.


30% discount on Rogovin's three major titles available in English

On February 27, 1995, Professor Vadim Zakharovich Rogovin, a leading Marxist historian in the former Soviet Union, began a US tour with a lecture delivered at Michigan State University in East Lansing. The lecture, sponsored by the Center for European and Russian Studies, was titled, “Was there an alternative to Stalinism in the USSR?” The historic event marked the first time a Soviet scholar presented to American audiences an analysis of the struggle waged by Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition against the Stalinist bureaucracy.

In commemoration of Rogovin’s historic speaking tour, Mehring Books is offering 30% off each of his three major titles available in paperback, plus a free copy of David North’s tribute to Rogovin following his untimely death.

Get a free copy of A Tribute to Vadim Z. Rogovin by David North with each order!

The great question posed by Vadim Rogovin—Was there an alternative to Stalinism?—is, certainly, fundamental to an understanding of the history of the Soviet Union. But the ramifications of this question extend far beyond the borders of the former USSR, and they are of critical relevance not only to our understanding of the past but to our vision of the future. Within the context of his examination of the Soviet past Vadim Rogovin grappled with the essential experiences and lessons of the twentieth century. That is why the works of Vadim Zakharovich Rogovin are of world importance ~ David North

*Offer valid only through March 1, 2020 for the paperback editions of 1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror, Stalin’s Terror of 1937-1938: Political Genocide in the USSR and Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928–1933; Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition.

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