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  1. My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography

    My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography

    At a time when old Stalinist lies about Trotsky are again being revived, My Life is essential reading.

    This is an extraordinary work. Trotsky published this autobiography in 1930 while residing in Turkey, where Stalin had sent him into exile. Learn More

  2. The Revolution Betrayed

    The Revolution Betrayed

    In the annals of political literature, few works have withstood the test of time so well as Leon Trotsky's The Revolution Betrayed. More than 70 years after its initial publication, its analysis of the structure and dynamics of Soviet society and of the Soviet Union remains unsurpassed. Learn More
  3. History of the Russian Revolution

    History of the Russian Revolution

    In this work, Trotsky, writing from the unique vantage point of a leading participant in both the 1905 and the October 1917 revolutions, explains the historical events, socio-economic processes, and political struggles that led to the creation of the world’s first workers’ state. Learn More
  4. In Defense of Leon Trotsky (second edition)

    In Defense of Leon Trotsky (second edition)

    David North defends Trotsky’s legacy against the campaign of historical falsification begun by Stalin and continuing to this day. While Stalin assassinated Trotsky in 1940, he was unable to silence the Fourth International, founded to embody the revolutionary heritage of 1917.

    This work contains a devastating refutation of biographies of Trotsky published in recent years by three British historians: Ian Thatcher, Geoffrey Swain and Robert Service. The significantly expanded edition contains a new foreword, four new chapters and two appendices.

    Learn More
  5. Problems of Everyday Life

    Problems of Everyday Life

    Contains some of the most important articles and speeches by Leon Trotsky on questions of everyday life, culture and education. The articles contained in the first section were first published in 1923 in the Soviet Union in the daily paper Pravda and also as a book. This edition also contains a selection of Trotsky's writings on education and culture, science and technology and the materialist world outlook. Learn More
  6. Literature and Revolution

    Literature and Revolution

    First published in 1924, these essays by Trotsky illuminate the problem of literary creation in the first workers state. "Trotsky was perhaps the greatest representative in history of the Marxist school of literary criticism, which itself incorporated what was most farsighted in the aesthetic criticism produced by the bourgeois-democratic revolutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." David Walsh Learn More
  7. Leon Trotsky on China

    Leon Trotsky on China

    This volume contains a collection of Trotsky's writings on the Chinese revolution of 1925-27 and its aftermath. Learn More
  8. The Third International After Lenin

    The Third International After Lenin

    This book contains four articles by Trotsky devoted to fundamental problems of the revolutionary movement. Learn More
  9. In Defense of Marxism

    In Defense of Marxism

    This book documents Trotsky's intervention in the political struggle with the Burnham-Shachtman tendency inside the US Socialist Workers Party, which was of fundamental importance for the Fourth International. Learn More
  10. Platform of the Joint Opposition

    Platform of the Joint Opposition

    The 1927 program of the Joint (Bolshevik-Leninist) Opposition which drew together the supporters of Trotsky and Zinoviev against Stalin and Bukharin. Submitted to the Central Committee in September 1927, the program was signed by thirteen members of the Central Committee, including Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Smilga, Evdokimov, Rakovsky, Piatakov and Bakaev. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 33 total

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