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Leon Trotsky on China
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This volume contains a collection of Trotsky's writings on the Chinese revolution of 1925-27 and its aftermath. Learn More
Lessons of the 1965 Indonesian Coup
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Political assessment of the 1965 coup in Indonesia that installed General Suharto. Examines the betrayal carried out by the Indonesian Communist Party, which paved the way for Suharto's bloody repression. Learn More
The Historical & International Foundations of the SEP, Sri Lanka
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This document was adopted unanimously by the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) at its founding congress held in Colombo, 27–29 May, 2011. Learn More
The Historical and International Foundations of the SEP (Australia)
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Adopted in January by the founding congress of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), this document reviews and examines the most critical political experiences of the Australian working class throughout the twentieth century, within the context of global economic, political and social processes. (Free shipping within Australia) Learn More
The Northern Territory Intervention and Rudd's Apology: The Real Agenda
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This pamphlet contains articles and statements from the World Socialist Web Site on the Australian government's military intervention into Aboriginal communities which was based on the pretext of stopping child sexual abuse. Learn More
The Third International After Lenin
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This book contains four articles by Trotsky devoted to fundamental problems of the revolutionary movement. Learn More
The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
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This work is vital reading for those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the failed Chinese revolution of 1925-27, one of the most significant events of the twentieth century. Contains Trotsky's original introduction.

“Isaacs’ book represents a scientific work from beginning to end. It is based on a conscientious study of a vast number of original sources and supplementary material.… The author of this book tries to deduce the character of the Chinese Revolution not from a priori definitions and not from historical analogies, but from the living structure of Chinese society and from the dynamics of its inner forces.… The reader will carry away not only a better-knit picture of the march of events but—what is more important—will learn to understand their social mainsprings.” -- Leon Trotsky Learn More
The Truth About the Killing of Daniel Yock
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This book contains the results of the Workers Inquiry into the death of Daniel Yock, an 18-year-old Queensland, Australia Aboriginal youth who died in police custody November 7, 1993. Learn More
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