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United States

This category represents the works available from Mehring Books on contemporary politics in the United States.

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  1. Detroit Bundle

    Detroit Bundle

    This bundle contains a selection of the writings on the crisis in Detroit, the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Detroit is being used as a test case for carrying out unprecedented attacks on the working class. The writings contained in this bundle chronicle the opposition waged by the Socialist Equality Party to these attacks.

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  2. The war comes home: Race, class & police violence in America

    The war comes home: Race, class & police violence in America

    This pamphlet draws the connection between the growth of police violence in the United States and the erection of a police military intelligence apparatus that operates without any legal or constitutional constraints. There is a parallel between intensifying police violence at home and the pursuit of war overseas.

    The growth of social inequality is at the heart of the destruction of democratic rights, and as such is directed at the entire working class - black, white, Hispanic and immigrant alike. Obama, the president of "Hope and Change", bolsters the American elite's War on Terror, imposing ever greater restrictions on fundamental rights; on the other hand, the administration relies on proponents of identity politics, such as Democratic Party operative Al Sharpton, to confuse and divide the working class.

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2 Item(s)

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