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  1. Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter

    Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter

    Leon Sedov, the son of Leon Trotsky and Natalia Sedova, was the victim of a medical murder organized by the Stalinist GPU in February 1938. This pamphlet contains three articles: The first is Trotsky's moving tribute to his son, friend and fellow fighter written just days after hearing the terrible news of Sedov's death. The second is an appreciation of Trotsky and Sedov written by Natalia, which includes an account of the GPU's attempt on Trotsky's life on May 24, 1940. The final part is a letter written by Trotsky in 1938 to the French legal authorities demanding an inquiry into Sedov's death. Learn More
  2. The Red Book

    The Red Book

    Written in 1936 by Trotsky's eldest son and closest political collaborator, this book was a meticulous exposure of the first Moscow Trial ("Trial of the Sixteen") organized by Stalin to justify the liquidation of the surviving leaders of the October Revolution. Learn More

2 Item(s)

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