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Moscow Trials and Great Terror

Moscow Trials, Great Terror

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  1. One Long Night

    One Long Night

    A devastating first-hand account of Stalin's labor camps. Maria Joffe, widow of leading Bolshevik Adolf Joffe and with him a prominent member of the Trotskyist opposition to Stalinism, survived 29 years in prison camps in the Soviet Union. (hardbound edition) Learn More
  2. Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter

    Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter

    Leon Sedov, the son of Leon Trotsky and Natalia Sedova, was the victim of a medical murder organized by the Stalinist GPU in February 1938. This pamphlet contains three articles, two by Trotsky and one by Sedov's mother, Natalia Sedova. Learn More
  3. How the GPU Murdered Trotsky

    How the GPU Murdered Trotsky

    This book contains the preliminary report on the investigation conducted by the International Committee of the Fourth International into the assassination of Leon Trotsky in Mexico on August 20, 1940. The investigation, launched in 1975, uncovered long concealed evidence of the penetration of the Trotskyist movement by the Soviet secret police (GPU). Learn More
  4. Fourth International Journal V. 17 Nos. 1-2: Fifty Years Since the Assassination of Leon Trotsky
  5. Fourth International Journal V. 15 No. 2: The Soviet Union Repudiates Moscow Trials
  6. Behind the Moscow Trial

    Behind the Moscow Trial

    Writing in 1936, Schactman thoroughly exposed Stalin's first great frame-up trial at which the Soviet bureaucracy began the physical destruction of the entire Bolshevik old guard. Learn More
  7. Back in Time: My Life My Fate My Epoch, The Memoirs of Nadezhda A. Joffe

    Back in Time: My Life My Fate My Epoch, The Memoirs of Nadezhda A. Joffe

    This is the only memoir to be written in the post-Stalin Soviet Union by a member of the Left Opposition, which was formed under the leadership of Leon Trotsky in 1923. Nadezhda Joffe was the daughter of Adolf Abramovich Joffe, the Bolshevik leader and Left Oppositionist who committed suicide in 1927 to protest the expulsion of Trotsky from the Bolshevik Party. Learn More
  8. The Commissar Vanishes (new edition)

    The Commissar Vanishes (new edition)

    "In The Commissar Vanishes (1997), King investigated and exposed the falsification of Soviet history practiced by the Stalinist regime, as inconvenient figures were excised from photographs and art works. King commented: 'The physical eradication of Stalin's political opponents at the hands of the secret police was swiftly followed by their obliteration from all forms of pictorial existence.' "'In one notorious example (which appears on the cover of the book), a photograph of Stalin with three other Communist Party leaders (including Sergey Kirov) taken in the mid-1920s is worked over through the years, with all of the other figures eventually disappearing, finally leaving by 1940, in a painting based on the photo, only the gravedigger of the revolution.'" WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh Learn More

Items 11 to 18 of 18 total

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