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  1. Problems of Everyday Life

    Problems of Everyday Life

    Contains some of the most important articles and speeches by Leon Trotsky on questions of everyday life, culture and education. The articles contained in the first section were first published in 1923 in the Soviet Union in the daily paper Pravda and also as a book. This edition also contains a selection of Trotsky's writings on education and culture, science and technology and the materialist world outlook. Learn More
  2. Problems of the British Revolution

    Problems of the British Revolution

    Written in 1925-26 on the eve of the general strike and first published under the title "Where is Britain Going?", this collection of four essays examines the role of Fabianism in the British labor movement. Learn More
  3. Fundamental Problems of Marxism

    Fundamental Problems of Marxism

    Basic writings on historical materialism by the founder of Russian Marxism. An invaluable resource for those seeking to broaden their understanding of Marxism and its intellectual history today. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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