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  1. Leon Trotsky on France

    Leon Trotsky on France

    This volume contains a series of articles written by Trotsky in the period 1934-1939, between the installation of the right wing Doumergue government in 1934 and the election of the Popular Front government of Leon Blum in 1936 and the ensuing massive general strike. Learn More
  2. Marxism and the Trade Unions (Trotsky)

    Marxism and the Trade Unions (Trotsky)

    Contains articles written by Trotsky on the relation of the Marxist party to the trade unions. Learn More
  3. WSWS Perspectives Journal November 2010 (single issue)

    WSWS Perspectives Journal November 2010 (single issue)

    The November 2010 issue of WSWS Perspectives highlights the latest developments in the world economic and political crisis, including the growing threat of a global currency war and increasing tensions between the major powers in the aftermath of the G20 summit. It also contains a collection of articles on worsening social conditions in the United States, rising social inequality, and the promotion of police-state methods by Washington. Learn More

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  4. Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It

    Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It

    A collection of writings by Leon Trotsky on the question of fascism. Trotsky reviews the experience of the rise of fascism in Germany
    as well as the struggle in France against the emergence of armed fascist bands in the wake of the German catastrophe.

    In these essays Trotsky examines the political and social origins of fascism and elaborates the strategical and tactical methods for the defense of the working class against this deadly menace. Among the topics covered by Trotsky is the use of the united front and the arming of the working class for self defense. In all his writings he stresses the need for a revolutionary orientation by the working class as the basis for winning vacillating elements of the middle class to the side of socialism.

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4 Item(s)

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